Hello out there!

I’m Rachel, 20-something, and this is where I talk about my favorite things, food and books. I’m a hungry writer who can’t get enough buttery flakey pies, chocolate-covered salty treats, or David Sedaris.

My recipes are simple, inspired by seasonal favorites, and tied to a good read, usually. I’m an unconventionally self-trained baker and cook and taught myself much of what I know doing late-night baking in college just so I would stay awake to finish homework. Maybe it was the sugar rush? Maybe it was knowing I couldn’t fall asleep with the oven on? But either way, it was at 4 am that I baked at my finest and wrote with as much vigor as my sugar-induced mind would allow me.

My ultimate “Girls Night” is hanging out with Martha Stewart, Ina Garten, Ree Drummond and Chelsea Handler at Ree’s Ranch in Oklahoma, drinking wine and eating chocolate cake. If enough of you folk pass this blog along, maybe you could make this happen. If Chelsea brings along Chewy and Lindsay Lohan even better! Just as with baking, you gotta have some salt to balance out the sweet.

I’m a dog lover, failed crocheter, Jeep driving, nail polish collecting, plane fearing, impatient, coffee addicted piece of work who loves brunch, especially if bottomless mimosas are involved.

I can also quote every line from Mean Girls.

Ex-pats, one-uppers, Ugg Boots, and red pens are my biggest pet peeves.

If you enjoy Kanye West’s music we will most likely not get along. If you think he has a good personality, I can guarantee we will never get along.

I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like.


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  1. janice says:

    I am gaining weight just reading these recipes. Have you ever considered a weight watcher’s version? Only kidding – too boring. Love the site. Aunt janice

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